Membership of the Manurewa Cossie Club is open to those aged 18 years and older, and new members are always welcome. A junior membership is available to males and females aged between 15 years and the legal purchasing age.

Our financial membership year is from 1st July to 30th June.

Application forms can be uplifted from the office or front desk.

You need to be nominated and seconded by two current financial members, who have been members for longer than 6 months.

The Application Form is to be returned with a nomination fee of $20.

You must attend an induction meeting set by the office – this is a group meeting to go over the facilities and the regulations of the club. All attendees names are then forwarded to the Board of Management for approval, upon receipt of approval the subscription is then due.

On payment of the subscription, you become a full member of Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club. Congratulations.

2022 – 2023 Subscriptions due July 1st

Ordinary Sub $90
Reduced Sub for 65+ $45
For those members who turned 65 before June 30th 2022

Subscriptions payable on line:
02 0358 0085475 000
Particulars: Your Initial & Surname
Reference: Your Club Number

Please note your membership card will be available for pick up from the office or doorman outside of office hours

Members who change their address or email are asked to complete the form below and return to:


  1. Members whose conduct is prejudicial to the peace and harmony of the Club (Rule No. 38) will be suspended until a formal inquiry is held.
  2. Offensive or foul language will not be tolerated.
  3. No liquor is to be taken into or from the Club Premises, other than bona fide. Off-Sale purchases. This privilege is reserved for Manurewa Club Members and Reciprocal Visitors (Affiliated Members) only. Proof of membership is required.
  4. No member shall procure liquor for a prohibited person or for a member or visitor who has been refused.
  5. No raffles without Board approval
  6. No gambling or Bookmaking
  7. No standing at the bar
  8. Please return all used glassware, jugs and bottles to the wash up areas
  9. The use of Cellular Photography within the Club is prohibited.
  10. Designated smoking accessed through door by Darts Area.
  12. Please respect Members privacy and do not congregate around the gaming machines.


The Club Rules state quite clearly that visitors should be invited by a member and should be in the
company of that member, who shall be responsible for his guests.

  1. Any member may invite any person as a visitor to the Club. All visitors shall sign the Visitors. Register provided, entering their name and address there in on each such occasion. The member accompanying the visitor shall also sign the visitors book and will at all times be responsible for the conduct of the visitor.
  2. No such Visitor shall be sold or supplied liquor on the Club premises unless the visitor is present on the invitation of a member and is in the company of a member and the liquor supplied for consumption on the premises.
  3. The admission of visitors should always be regarded as a privilege of the members granted to enable them to dispense periodic hospitality to their casual guests and should at all times be subordinated to the comfort, well being and satisfaction of the Club’s members.
  4. Visitors may be invited to the Club at any time provided that an individual person shall not become a regular and frequent visitor. Members of Affiliated Clubs must record their name, Club and Club Number in the Visitors Register. All members and affiliated visitors must produce Membership Cards on demand.
  5. Members and Visitors entering and leaving the car park are requested to respect our neighbours.
  6. The Board passed a bylaw limiting the number of local visitors who may be introduced by a member (other than immediate family) to five (5) on any one occasion or to liaison with the Manager if a greater number is required.
  7. All Visitors shall, while on Club Premises or surrounds, abide by OSH Regulations and the Rules of the Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club.

The Manukau District Licensing Agency have advised that in their opinion:
A visitor who is introduced on a weekly basis – is to be a regular and frequent and should be
encouraged to join the Club.


The Board of Management have classified the Dress Rules by defining those items that are NOT
acceptable within this Club.

  1. A reasonable standard of dress is required at all times.
  2. The following are not acceptable at any time:Dirty, torn or offensive
    Gumboots or work boots
    Dirty footwear
    Singlets, tank tops or sportswear with numbers
    Overalls or dustcoats
    Shirts with offensive printing or logos
    Brief running, football or beach wear
  3. Subject to Management approval only, the following items of headwear may be worn within the Club:-
    (a) Headwear required for medical reasons
    (b) Headwear for special Club events
  4. The following are not acceptable after 7:00pm on Entertainment Nights or in the Restaurant on any day: Thongs, socks without footwear and tracksuits

Your co-operation would be appreciated to ensure a standard of dress in keeping with the high standard of facilities available.



Unsupervised Children will be requested to leave with their parents.
We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause but the Club has a responsibility and obligation to provide an enjoyable dining & Club experience for all members and their guests.

Club Dress rules apply to children also –
No singlet’ or hats. Shoes must be worn at all times.
Children are not allowed on the dance floor unless dancing with a parent/guardian.
Children are not allowed in the Sports Area or the Casino.
Children are not allowed to approach the bar at ANY time for the purpose of purchasing
Children are deemed less than 18 years of age.